Sue Ansel, president and CEO, Gables Residential

Bisnow writer Dees Stribling recently talked with Gables CEO and president—and NMHC chair—Sue Ansel about the changes Ansel has seen in multifamily over the years and what she expects to happen next.

"The possibilities ahead for us are enormous," she said when she was elected to the NMHC post. "There is $2B in venture capital focused on our industry, up from $400M two years ago. Emerging technologies will change the way we build, manage and monitor our communities, how we interact with our residents and much more.”

Ansel is especially enthusiastic about some of the technological innovations she thinks will benefit the industry most.

"What’s called PropTech will change the way we build our communities, how we do our deals, how we monitor and manage our buildings, as well as how we interact with our residents. Virtual reality, blockchain, augmented reality. These are all terms that are going to become part of our daily lexicon."

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