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In the trenches of an unaffordable housing market, is it love or the perk of saving money that romantic partners are aiming for when considering moving in together? The answer leans toward finances and logistics, according to a recent survey.

Polling 3009 consumers, 63% of respondents’ decision to move in with a romantic partner was impacted by finances and/or logistics. For Gen Z, 80% said that money and/or logistics were a deciding factor in moving in with a partner. Millennials followed with 76%, Gen X with 56%, and baby boomers with 44%.

Gen Z respondents (56%) also said that saving money by splitting rent or a mortgage was a contributing factor in moving in together. Overall, 70% of respondents reported that they were able to save money by moving in together. The monthly savings ranged from 27% saving $1 to $500 and 20% saving $501 to $1,000 to 4% saving more than $5,000.

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