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Zillow teamed with BARK, an omnichannel dog brand, to find the top 10 cities for dog-friendly rentals. With BARK’s 13 years of data based on its BarkBox and Super Chewer subscribers as well as Zillow’s database of pet-friendly rentals, the two companies determined the markets most obsessed with dogs as well as their most popular names and breeds.

“The number of dog parents in the United States skyrocketed during the pandemic as people shifted to working from home, which really spotlighted the need for dog-friendly rentals,” said Emily McDonald, Zillow’s rental trends expert. “In collaboration with BARK, we’ve pinpointed cities that are particularly welcoming to dogs. Renters with dogs can face tough competition for a limited number of suitable rentals, but our findings highlight where the search might be easier.”

Here are the top dog-obsessed cities:

  1. Dallas
  2. Austin, Texas
  3. San Antonio
  4. Charlotte, North Carolina
  5. Indianapolis
  6. Denver
  7. New York
  8. Phoenix
  9. Seattle
  10. Jacksonville, Florida

Other key findings from Zillow and BARK:

  • Golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers are among the most popular dog breeds in these top dog-obsessed cities;
  • New York is the only city to have French bulldogs as the most popular breed; and
  • Bella is one of the most popular dog names in Dallas, Charlotte, Indianapolis, Denver, Phoenix, and Jacksonville. Bailey, Bear, and Charlie are other popular dog names in these cities.

“At BARK, we embrace that dogs are part of the family, and finding a home or apartment that is dog friendly is at the top of dog people’s minds,” said Dave Stangle, vice president of brand marketing at BARK. “We teamed up with Zillow to show dog parents the most dog-obsessed cities in the country, and where they can find rentals that are rolling out the welcome mat (and toys) for dogs.”