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As more pet lovers search for new rental homes, Texas has snagged the top three spots for most pet-friendly rental cities in the U.S. Austin, with 80.8% of its rentals being pet-friendly, earned the No. 1 spot, according to

Austin is followed by Dallas with 78% and nearby Fort Worth with 77.2% of its listings being pet-friendly. Pet-friendly filters are some of the most used among renters on the home search site, and twice as many potential renters filter for pet-friendly listings than any other amenity. Up from 46% in 2019, 59% of renters reported having at least one pet in the latest Consumer Home Trends Report.

"As more people started working from home, pet ownership soared during the pandemic. Pets are widely considered part of the American family, so it makes sense that they factor into moving decisions and impact housing preferences,” says Amanda Pendleton, Zillow's home trends expert.

“Renters with pets who are planning to sign a new lease this year face even stiffer competition because they are limited to apartments where their furry friends are allowed. This data shows us that in certain cities, pet-friendly apartments are easier to find."

The full top 10 most pet-friendly includes:

  1. Austin
  2. Dallas
  3. Fort Worth
  4. Charlotte, North Carolina
  5. Denver
  6. San Antonio
  7. Indianapolis
  8. Kansas City, Missouri
  9. Seattle
  10. New York City

Charlotte offers 76.6% of rental listings as pet-friendly; Denver has 76.5%; San Antonio, 75.8%; Indianapolis, 74.7%; Kansas City, 73.4%; Seattle, 73.1%; and New York City, 72.2%.