James Graham

Being Pet Friendly
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After prohibiting pets for so long, the apartment industry finally, ­begrudgingly, began accepting them over a decade ago. In a way, apartment owners were merely coming to terms with what had been a reality for a long time—furry creatures resided in their properties. In fact, Bobby Lee, president and COO of Los Angeles–based JRK Property Holdings, estimates that as many as 40% of his residents had been keeping pets in their units, even when they weren't allowed.

But by eventually embracing animals, apartment companies found a way to attract residents rather than tune them out. And, in some cases, they've found a way to make money, as well.

But just saying you allow pets isn't enough. To be successful, apartment owners need to have a strategy—knowing the costs and benefits of allowing pets, what the popular amenities are, what types of pets to restrict, and the types of materials to use for a pet-resilient environment. Multifamily Executive spent time exploring each of these issues. You can read our findings by clicking through the tabs above.