Virginia Love

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3 Multifamily Trends You Shouldn’t Ignore

Virginia Love shares insights from the 2023 Entrata Summit. More

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What Does Today’s Student Housing Say About Tomorrow’s Apartment Renters?

Understanding Gen Z's preferences can provide insights for apartment operators. More

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The Challenges of Proptech

Operators share 4 problems that can arise with technology—and how to overcome them. More

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The Power of Proptech

5 ways proptech automation is benefiting both site teams and residents. More

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Embracing the Chaos, Making a Splash

A high-level Q&A with multifamily data provider Entrata on future technology in... More

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Learning to Utilize Glassdoor

Apartment companies are learning if they're not paying attention to the reviews... More

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Next Generation Apartment Managers to be Business Savvy, Tech Optimized

The emergence of greater instiutional investor ownership in the apartment sector has necessitated a new breed of balance-sheet aware, technology literate property managers. More

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Multifamily Apartment Firm Technologies Evolving Faster to Meet Operational and New Interface Demands

Technology software, systems, and applications are evolving quickly to meet the marketing and operational needs of apartment owners and operators. More

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Apartment Internet Marketers Probe the Value of Bounce Rate Metrics

Once a hallowed metric of Internet marketing success, bounce rates have recently lost some of their luster. More

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