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Is the West Coast the Best Coast?

As the recovery matures, the big rent spikes have migrated to the West Coast and, specifically, Northern California. But will Southern California soon be catching up? More

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REITs See Move-Outs to Homeownership Drop in 4Q

While there are signs of life in the entry-level home buyer segment, REITs are... More

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Can Lower Oil Prices Help Push Rents?

While apartment owners see another tailwind from lower oil prices, analysts wonder... More

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Inside AvalonBay's Three-Brand Strategy

After a decade of being groomed, Naughton takes the reins during a time of... More

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Avalon’s New Developments Open to Strong Market

AvalonBay enjoyed first-quarter success as its new developments opened ahead of pro forma. More

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AvalonBay CEO Bryce Blair’s Retirement Comes as a Surprise

In the REIT world, where the message is usually controlled and changes are anticipated well in advance, this week’s announcement from Arlington, Va.-based REIT AvalonBay Communities that its chairman and CEO Bryce Blair would retire from his role at the end of 2011, came as a surprise to both analysts and industry executives. More

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Groundbreaking Ideas

Citing low labor and material costs, recovering fundamentals, and a dire lack of competitive market supply, the progressive multifamily mindset says construction starts now. More

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AvalonBay Boasts Recession Proof Balance Sheet

Consistent and conservative fiscal managment at mulitifamily REIT AvalonBay has produced one of real esate's most recession proof public balance sheets. More

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