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Baltimore Development a Labor of Love for Local Team

Bozzuto, KTGY among partners seeking to transform "a place we all care about." More

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Boutique-Style Apartments Result From New Master Plan Near Pentagon

Kettler's Arlington, Va., mid-rise aims to entice millennials and Gen Xers. More

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KTGY's Virtual Concept Community Design

During the #MFEC exclusive presentation on MFE's Concept Community project, we presented all the lessons we've learned during our coverage of the student housing beat with industry partners American Campus Communities, Fountain Residential, Humphreys & Partners, KTGY, and J Turner Research. The culmination of all our research and survey data was seen in two virtual communities unveiled during the session, which paint a full picture of the ideal student housing community that Gen Y longs for. More

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In and Out Design: Student Housing Floorplans and Common Areas

Many students have never shared a bedroom or bathroom before coming to college, and they don't want to start now. So, what do they want? A modern design, bigger units, large open common areas, and all the comforts of home is a good start. More

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What Makes Student Housing Look and Feel Like Student Housing?

Today, students expect more from the "college experience." And, housing is just as much, if not more important than a university's degree programs. So, it’s crucial to first understand what students are looking for, and, most importantly, how the building supports the live-learn goals to provide them with that ultimate "college experience." More

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The Drawing Board Explored: A Q&A With Jon Cox and Rohit Anand

The design of H Street was informed by a mountain of research, and careful... More

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Apartment Architects and Developers Planning Smaller, Denser Communites

Capital constraints and lifestyle changes among renter demographics are converging to make smaller, denser, downtown apartment communities the hottest spots to build. More

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Multifamily Industry Truncates Tech Costs in the Downturn

For Don Phillips, managing director of Phillips Development in Tampa Bay, Fla., the look and feel of “luxury” has changed. More

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