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3 Key Technology Amenities to Remain Competitive

To keep up with newly built competition, older communities need to keep these... More

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Top 10 Tech Stories of 2014

From student housing amenities to big data to the internet of everything, check out our biggest tech stories of 2014. More

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Head of the Class: 5 Key Student Housing Amenities

The shock of over-the-top amenities in student housing is starting to wear off, but developers are still finding ways to win over more students. More

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Extreme Amenities in Student Housing Catching On Elsewhere

Popular in student housing communities for some time, luxury items such as Wi-Fi, HD TVs, and interactive fitness facilities are starting to take hold at market-rate properties, as well. More

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Multifamily Industry Truncates Tech Costs in the Downturn

For Don Phillips, managing director of Phillips Development in Tampa Bay, Fla., the look and feel of “luxury” has changed. More

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As Tighter Tech Budgets Prevail, Multifamily Tech Execs Get Creative

A roundtable of top multifamily IT execs talks trends, opportunities, and... More

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