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Tap into Gen Z with MFE Concept Community Webinar

Industry experts will share strategies to connect with these new renter households. More

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Top 5 Student Housing Properties for the Top 10 Public Universities

Sterling 920 Terrace, located near ASU in Tempe, Ariz., tops list. More

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2016 Resident Surveys: Preferences and Purchases

Joseph Batdorf, President, J Turner Research, reads the pulse of the national multifamily market by noting what features residents are – and aren't – willing to pay for. More

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Concept Community Discussion Highlights

In early August we released J Turner Research's “Gauging Student Living Preferences” survey results of 7,095 graduate and undergraduate students. Today at the #MFEC, Joe Batdorf contextualized the findings, and we revealed virtual community plans that cater to that data (we'll share online soon). More

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What Gen Y Wants in an Apartment, and How They Find It

Exclusive research provides insight into how Millennials search for apartments, and what they expect from their eventual community of choice. More

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Strategies Vary for Monitoring Your Property’s Online Reputation

With the proliferation of ways customers can comment online on your property’s appearance, staff, amenities, appliances—and anything else they can think of—the need to stay on top of these comments is as important as ever. But it seems there’s no one way to do this. Some owners use software to do the job; others rely on their staff. More

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Multifamily Apartment Firm Technologies Evolving Faster to Meet Operational and New Interface Demands

Technology software, systems, and applications are evolving quickly to meet the marketing and operational needs of apartment owners and operators. More

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