Jay Parsons

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Renewal Rates Hit New Highs in February

Despite rising rents and new supply, residents seem to be staying in place in... More

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6 Ways to Find Winning Suburbs

Sure, it's not all that sexy to talk about the 'burbs, but nothing's sexier than success. More

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MFE Question: What is the Biggest Myth About Gen Y?

The Gen Y crowd may be a bit more nuanced than many owners, managers and developers believe, according to MPF Research's Jay Parsons, Campus Apartments' David Adelman, Fannie Mae's Kim Betancourt, and MetLife's Melissa Reagen. More

Economists See Bifurcated Markets All Around

The idea of the bifurcated market came up a lot at the Apartment Finance Today Conference in Las Vegas this week. Despite a robust national recovery, from an equity and debt perspective the apartment industry is still a market of “haves” (the “sexy six” markets) and have nots (many smaller locales around the country). That also happens to be the case for the economy in general. More

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