Don Phillips

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Not All On-Campus Housing RFPs Are Alike

Developers interested in on-campus student housing should familiarize themselves with two forms of request for proposal (RFP) before diving in. More

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Multifamily Industry Truncates Tech Costs in the Downturn

For Don Phillips, managing director of Phillips Development in Tampa Bay, Fla., the look and feel of “luxury” has changed. More

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Four Steps to Recovery: Working Your Way Past Troublesome Maturities

Just three years ago, buying an asset was easy. Get 75 percent financed from a lender. Pull in an equity partner and mezzanine debt. Suddenly, you have an apartment with nearly no money down. In doing so, seasoned real estate and financial managers pulled the same shenanigans as Joe Subprime down the street. They took large bets on real estate, assuming the market would bail them out if they got in trouble. Instead, the market has plummeted. More

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