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Gas Prices Could Weigh on Texas Starts

The effect on Texas, which represents about 20 percent of the nation's new... More

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Supply Surge: Multifamily Permits Jump 23.6% in July

As permits rose again in July, analysts remained confident in the long-term health of the apartment market More

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Homing In: Single-Family Rental Firms Ponder End Game

The single-family rental market is maturing, but like most adolescents, it's unsure of what it wants to be when it grows up. Here, MFE takes a deep dive into this new institutional asset class, with the sector's biggest players weighing in on their challenges, opportunities and exit plans. More

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Consolidation Trend Just Getting Started?

As the upturn matures, and the low-hanging fruit of distressed acquisitions disappears, owners are trying to find different ways of adding value to their enterprises, and portfolio buys are one big way of doing so. More

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More Multifamily "Rookies" Mean Possible Oversupply in Some Markets

With enough new players in the multifamily world, some top markets could face oversupply sooner rather than later. More

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