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Century-Old Rental Buildings Still Charm Residents

RentCafe shines a light on the nation’s oldest buildings that still rent today. More

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More Than a Third of U.S. Cities Are Building Larger Apartment Units

Apartments under construction are about 50 square feet larger on average than in... More

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What $1 of Rent Means for the Local Economy

RENTCafe shows that 90 cents goes to keeping rental housing operational. More

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Renter Priorities Shift Over Pandemic to Larger Spaces, Open-Air Amenities, and Local Deals

RENTCafe surveys show a change in renter preferences and reasons to move between... More

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Texas Apartment Demand Expected to Rise as Tech Giants Move In

Over 126,000 new apartments are under construction in Texas metros, with half a... More

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The Fastest-Growing Suburban Markets for Renters

Frisco, Texas, tops the list with over 8,000 new apartments in the past five years. More

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Rental Applications Drop 10% in 2020

According to RentCafe’s year-end report, 18 of the nation’s largest cities also... More

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The Largest Apartments in the Nation’s Major Metros

Johns Creek, located near Atlanta, has the largest metro area apartments at an... More

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Self-Guided Apartment Tours Gain in Popularity

RENTCafe survey respondents prefer that they can tour apartments at their own pace... More

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