Raintree Partners

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Raintree Partners Expands Staff, Accelerates Acquisitions

Director of acquisitions, senior director of asset management hired. More

6 Ways to Compete With the REITs

Competing with a public REIT can seem impossible. But smaller, more nimble private entrepreneurs can use their size to their advantage. Here are six ways to do just that. More

Secondary Markets Likely to See More Cap Rate Compression

As more investors increase their risk tolerance and cast a wider net in search of yield, secondary markets could see more cap rate compression this year, despite the rise of the 10-year Treasury. More

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Asset Managers See Competition for New Deals Rise

Earlier this year, the owners of Trellis Square in Sunnyvale, Calif., and Adagio at South Coast in Santa Ana, Calif., sold their properties. In each case, it was difficult. They saw each asset fall out of escrow, and only about 10 bidders competed for each of the deals. More

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