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Fair Housing Organizations File Federal Lawsuit Against S.C. Bodner Co.

One of the country’s largest multifamily developers, Indianapolis-based S.C. Bodner Co., faces allegations of fair housing discrimination. More

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Fair Housing Activists Put Multifamily ILSs on Notice

A fair housing activist group with a proud history of filing lawsuits against multifamily developers and owner/operators that have allegedly violated the Fair Housing Act has a new target: multifamily Internet listing services (ILSs). More

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New York’s Westchester County Yields to Pressure to Desegregate Its Affordable Housing

To settle lawsuit, the county agrees to build and market at least 750 homes to black and Hispanic buyers. More

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Report Shows Spike in Housing Discrimination Due to Foreclosure Crisis, Internet Advertising

In its annual fair housing trends study, the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA) reported that housing discrimination in the nation has spiked this past year for two key reasons: Internet advertising that violates fair housing laws and the worsening of the foreclosure crisis. In fact, private fair housing centers around the country have seen more cases of discrimination in mortgage lending than ever before, according to the report, titled “Fair Housing Enforcement: Time for a Change.” More

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