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NMHC Rent Tracker Data Reveals Mostly Good News

The vast majority of tenants are paying rent on time. More

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The Cost to Build Just Keeps Rising

A host of factors is contributing to higher multifamily construction costs. More

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Rent Control’s Reckoning

Election Day is around the corner, but there’s still time to win this fight. More

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Rent Control: It's Not the Answer

As calls for rent control grow, research shows it to be a failed policy. More

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Renovations Done Right

Owners share their secrets to choosing the upgrades with the best ROI. More

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Affordability’s Challenge

What it will take for business to make multifamily America’s affordable housing. More

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Cindy Clare Begins Term as 2017 NAA Chairman of the Board

Kettler exec to focus on promoting charitable works of association’s affiliates. More

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Housing Policy 2017: What’s at Stake for Multifamily

President Obama’s proposed budget for the fiscal year ahead includes a number of... More

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Running Scared: The Affordability 'Issue' and Industry Messaging

When we parse the affordability debate for political reasons, we do ourselves, and... More

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