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Morgan Properties Expands Holdings by 4,200 Units in 2016

Multifamily manager will begin renovations and expand into North Carolina. More

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Top 10 2016 NMHC 50 Managers for Online Reputation

The NMHC 50 Managers may be getting bigger, but are they getting better with their... More

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The Top 10 NMHC 50 Managers for Online Reputation

We're highlighting the top NMHC 50 managers to find whose online reputation takes... More

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Rental Applicant Screeners Embracing Payment History Over Credit Scores

Rental applicant screening professionals stress a more hands-on and holistic... More

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Leasing Agents Not Following Up On Unfinished Applications

Apartment leasing agents not followin gup on abandoned prospect applications could... More

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Multifamily Operators Embracing New Lease Renewal, Lead Strategies

If you’re a rental prospect, Peggy Hale and the rest of Morgan Properties is ready for your phone call and for your business, but if you’re looking to get some information or even set up an appointment via email, you might as well forget it. More

The Top 10 Multifamily Deals of the Decade

The past decade bore witness to the largest multifamily deals in history, all of which occurred before the capital markets came crashing to a halt in mid-2008. More

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