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The Correlation Between Parking and Reputation

Discover how Mark-Taylor Residential addressed parking issues and elevated the... More

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2023 Apartment Outlook: Cycle Test

With the possibility of recession looming, veteran multifamily operators steel... More

Showcasing Their Talents

IN 2006, WHEN APARTMENT BUYERS and condo converters were trading multifamily... More

Silver Linings

From his Memphis, Tenn., office, Simon Wadsworth conjures the Oracle of Omaha when... More

Multifamily Firms Rebid Contracts to Cut Costs

Rebidding contracts and grieving property taxes are two ways the recession can work in a multifamily firm's favor. More

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Getting Friendly: Web-savvy Marketing

When it comes to marketing, Phoenix-based multifamily owner, developer, and fee manager Mark-Taylor Residential doesn't mess around. More

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Locking Up the Deal

When developer Geneva Holdings contacted Mark-Taylor Residential about design... More

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Map Quest

Vacations can lead to the most unexpected business decisions. Several years ago,... More

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