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Demographic, Economic Tailwinds Support Strong Q1 for Multifamily Sector

Several REITs reported record-low levels of turnover, benefiting from limited... More

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Outlook Remains Positive for Multifamily Sector in 2024 Despite Economic Uncertainty

Low resident turnover, tight single-family inventory, and relative affordability... More

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Market Outlook: Rent Vs. Buy Premium Drives Strong Performance in Multifamily Sector

Multifamily demand conditions and tight resale single-family inventory continued... More

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Market Outlook: Demand Conditions Remain Strong in Multifamily Sector

Public REITs maintain positive outlooks for the market, buoyed by strong demand... More

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Market Outlook: Multifamily Sector Remains Resilient

Public REITs shared positive long-term outlooks for the sector despite economic... More

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Mergers Need Solid Purpose and Vision to Be Successful

MAA's Eric Bolton discusses creating the vision for his firm's 2016 merger with... More

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Mergers Need Solid Purpose And Vision To Be Successful

Eric Bolton, CEO at MAA, describes how having a vision and defining a purpose are... More

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Top 10 2016 NMHC 50 Managers for Online Reputation

The NMHC 50 Managers may be getting bigger, but are they getting better with their... More

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Top 10 REITs for Online Reputation

There's been a large change-up in our top REITs for online reputation over the year. More

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