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Will Oversupply Threaten the Industry's Momentum?

Although there are several markets that will likely struggle with oversupply, industry leaders aren’t concerned about the more than 75,000 units that are expected to deliver before the end of this year, according to data from Dallas-based Axiometrics. The research firm also expects more than 222,000 units to come to fruition next year. More

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Second Wind: Apartment REITs Beat Expectations in 2Q

Strong job growth couple with low single-family moveouts drove strong second quarter REIT results. More

Rehab ROI: Which Upgrades Cause the Biggest Rent Bumps?

Flooring replacements? Definitely. Countertops? Maybe. A new roof? Unlikely. But neglect curb appeal and common spaces at your own peril. More

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Analysis: For Top 25 Renovators, Small Updates Yield High Returns

The Bascom Group claimed first place, after a one-year hiatus from the Top 25, knocking Rochester, N.Y.–based Home Properties down a peg in the process. More

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Top Execs: What is the Biggest Threat to Multifamily's Momentum?

Four of the industry's top execs—Cindy Clare, Rick Graf, Ed Pettinella, and Walt Smith—chime in on what they see as the biggest obstacles standing in the way of the multifamily industry's momentum. More

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Multifamily Heavyweights Debate GSE Reform

Five of the multifamily industry's top CEOs weighed in on the fate of the government-sponsored enterprises during the CEO Power Panel at this year's Multifamily Executive Conference. More

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Chief Executives Talk Leadership Lessons Learned Early

Rick Graf, Ed Pettinella and Tom Toomey describe the biggest lessons they've learned as company leaders. More

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Top 10 Apartment REITs

After acquiring about 60 percent of the Lehman Brothers’ Archstone portfolio, Equity Residential is estimated to have about $36.2 billion in assets, according to a list compiled by Green Street Advisors. More

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Top CEOs Weigh In on Industry Threats

Three top multifamily CEOs weigh in on how the health of the multifamily market could be threatened. More

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The Mortgage the Merrier

Is there enough firepower, and discipline, in the private sector to fill in the blanks if and when the GSEs are a memory? More

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