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How Are Tighter Credit Standards Impacting Builders and Developers?

The Federal Reserve’s third quarter Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey unveils... More

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The 3 Keys to Developer and Owner Success in 2018

The central idea: Home in on your residents' preferences and desires. More

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Renting “Preferred” Theory a Fallacy

What's driving the current boom in apartment demand? It's not that recession-weary... More

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At Your Service

Lenders fought hard against stiff competition to make loans to affordable housing properties in 2013. Among those competitors, commercial banks once again crowd the top of affordable housing ­finance’s annual list of the biggest lenders. More

Taper Caper: Where Interest Rates are Heading for Multifamily Borrowers

As the Federal Reserve tapers its rate-lowering bond purchases, what movement should borrowers expect ahead in the benchmark 10-year Treasury yield—and in turn long-term mortgage rates? More

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Catch a Rising Knife

I’m a big fan of buzzwords and slang. They provide a colorful snapshot of a given time and place, even though their inevitable overuse becomes highly annoying (and an occupational hazard). More

Life Companies Win the Early Rate Lock Race

As the yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury continues to stay low—and as the Federal Reserve ends its QE-2 program—the ability to lock a rate as soon as possible has become a huge competitive advantage for life insurance companies. More

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Forecasters Hedge Bets on Improvements in Housing Market for 2011

Job growth will be key to spurring buyer demand. More

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