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Camera Technology Helps Multifamily Communities Document Waste Diversion Rates

Management efforts help to meet corporate goals, satisfy mandates, and please... More

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Water Works: Builders Work Ways to Conserve Water

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 36 U.S. states are at risk for water shortages even without the threat of drought. Developers cope with the issue in part by building to green certification standards that include water conservation efforts. More

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Retro Grades

Benchmarking laws point toward a new industry in retrofitting existing buildings for compliance. More

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New Law Will Regulate Formaldehyde Emissions From Certain Wood Products

A tort-reform attorney and U.S. congresswoman debate the need for this statute and whether it will spark legal challenges. More

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New EPA Stormwater Rules Pose Challenges and Opportunities

Builders and developers might still have a chance to influence state officials who will determine how guidelines will be executed. More

Taking the Lead on Lead

ALTHOUGH LEAD-BASED paint has been banned for residential use since 1978, federal regulators are concerned about the potential health threat to children posed by lead-containing-dust that may be generated when lead-coated components are repaired or renovated. More

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Four Communities to Receive Federal Help to Reduce Sprawl

Government agencies will help Louisville, Ky.; Montgomery County, Md.; Las Cruces, N.M.; and California create more sustainable land-use and transportation patterns. More

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DMB Associates Proposes Controversial California Redevelopment

Plan to build 12,000 homes within two square miles along Redwood City’s bayfront must leap several environmental hurdles. More

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Market-Rate Owners to Follow New Lead Safety Procedures

New federal regulations will soon require market-rate property owners to follow... More

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