Fannie, Freddie Pick Their Spots on Price Wars

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac continue to offer well-priced debt to the multifamily industry, though who has the better execution varies by deal type. More

Fannie and Freddie's Affordable Housing Debt Grows Costly

As affordable developers get set to ramp up dormant projects, Fannie Mae's and Freddie Mac's high rates on forward commitments are forcing many to look elsewhere for debt. More

Freddie Mac's New Products to Include Single-Loan Securitization

Freddie's answer to Fannie's MBS would target only large deals. More

Fannie Mae Production Down 50 Percent in First Half

MBS execution now the bulk of its business, as Freddie Mac mulls its own version of MBS. More

TALF CMBS Program Poised for Second-Half Run

The CMBS portion of TALF is gearing up for a second-half run that many hope will revive the dormant securitized loan market. More

Go West: CWCapital Buys Sierra Capital Partners

CWCapital has acquired multifamily lender Sierra Capital Partners in a push to expand on the West Coast. The Irvine, Calif.-based Sierra Capital Partners originated about $300 million annually in Freddie Mac debt, with a servicing portfolio of about $825 million. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. More

Multifamily Lenders Struggle to Divine Value, Cap Rates in Volatile Market

One of the biggest issues facing multifamily lenders today is determining the “V” in LTV (loan-to-value). In the past, lenders could easily turn to the acquisition market to get a current read on valuations. But since there are very few acquisitions this year, lenders have nothing to measure against: In the absence of a trade, there’s no market-determined value. Anecdotally, everyone knows that values are falling in most, if not all, markets today. But how can you measure the rate of descent for that falling knife? More

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