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HUD, Census Release 2021 Rental Housing Finance Survey Findings

Nearly half of the rental units in the U.S. are in properties of four or fewer units. More

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New Residential Construction Continues Its Steady Climb

September starts are roughly 11% higher than last year, and completions are up 26%. More

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New Residential Construction Experiences Slight Dip in August

Fannie Mae chief economist Doug Duncan attributes the slowdown to a fall in... More

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In Multifamily, Bigger Is Better

They're just not building small apartment buildings anymore. More

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5 Reasons Occupancy Is Growing Stronger

Despite the high number of units that have come on line in the past year—with thousands more on the way in the second half of 2014—occupancy and rent-growth levels are among the highest they've been this century. More

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Bumpy Road Ahead for Occupancies

Many primary markets should see vacancies climb by the close of 2015 as supply outpaces demand. And many of the most at-risk markets are in the South, including Charlotte, N.C., Austin, Texas, and Orlando, Fla. More

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Homing In: Single-Family Rental Firms Ponder End Game

The single-family rental market is maturing, but like most adolescents, it's unsure of what it wants to be when it grows up. Here, MFE takes a deep dive into this new institutional asset class, with the sector's biggest players weighing in on their challenges, opportunities and exit plans. More

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Google Is Still Clicking on ‘Affordable Housing’

An accounting rule change could make low-income housing attractive to more corporations. More

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True Immigration Reform Is Vital to the Apartment Industry

With immigrants playing a dual role in driving apartment demand and providing a key labor source, the industry has a growing stake in the debate over immigration reform. More

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