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Equity Investors Eye Hotels as Multifamily Returns Soften

Lower capital appreciation is forcing compression in multifamily investment... More

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Multifamily Apartment Firm Technologies Evolving Faster to Meet Operational and New Interface Demands

Technology software, systems, and applications are evolving quickly to meet the marketing and operational needs of apartment owners and operators. More

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Multifamily Technology Myths and Realities

A look at the myths and realities behind social media, mobile mania, and resident portals. More

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Miles Orth

According to badger alum and Campus Apartments executive vice president and COO Miles Orth, 39, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has excellent real estate programs. He just didn’t major in any of them. Instead, the industry exec obtained a liberal arts degree. More

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Integrating technology systems yields cost and operational efficiencies.

Integrating systems yields cost and operational efficiencies within product types and across geographic markets. More

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Dressed Up

A historic symbol of affluence in Columbus, Ohio, is reinvented as contemporary... More

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