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MFE Pop Quiz: Caldera's Mike Kelly Says Delinquencies Still an Issue

While it seems that most people in the multifamily market have been giddy with excitement, Mike Kelly sees another side. The president and co-founder of Denver-based Caldera Asset Management says his phone has been ringing with calls from underwater owners looking to refinance. “With the 10-year [Treasury] jumping, our phones are starting to ring a lot because people are starting to realize that they can’t refinance their existing deals,” he says. More

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Stormy Rescue

Multifamily managers are gearing up to swoop in and save distressed assets as an increasing number of overleveraged owners realize they simply can’t hang on any longer. Here’s what you need to know to More

Bigger Assets, Bigger Buyers Enter the Distress Fray

Investors that have hoarded cash for much of 2009 are starting to realize that discounts won't be as jaw-dropping as they once believed and are starting to engage the market. More

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Asset Managers See Competition for New Deals Rise

Earlier this year, the owners of Trellis Square in Sunnyvale, Calif., and Adagio at South Coast in Santa Ana, Calif., sold their properties. In each case, it was difficult. They saw each asset fall out of escrow, and only about 10 bidders competed for each of the deals. More

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How-To Rid Your Property of Crime

A step-by-step guide on how to purge your property of crime--at a price you can afford. More

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