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How to Attract Gen Z Renters

This up-and-coming generation is a few years away from being your target residents... More

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Lead to Lease: Optimizing Marketing Spend Through Technology

From niche and event-based strategies to content marketing to deep-dive SEO analyses, the art and science of apartment marketing is evolving rapidly. More

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Four Mistakes That Will Cost You Gen Y Renters

Many operators are turning their attention to Millennials’ unique needs and preferences—and learning to implement features that appeal to young adult renters. This means courting Gen Y residents with sustainable communities, technology-friendly features, and state-of-the-art amenities. It also means fixing or preventing the four mistakes listed here, lest your properties drive residents to more-accommodating communities elsewhere. More

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Multfamily Tech Providers Embrace Cloud Computing Platforms

Apartment operators are likely to benefit from the proliferation of web-based and... More

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Multifamily Apartment Firm Technologies Evolving Faster to Meet Operational and New Interface Demands

Technology software, systems, and applications are evolving quickly to meet the marketing and operational needs of apartment owners and operators. More

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Anatomy of a Multifamily Tech System

Multifamily IT tech executives share systems building strategies More

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