Latch and WeWork have announced their collaboration to provide multifamily residents of Latch-enabled buildings with WeWork All Access memberships. Adding office space management as a touch point, Latch residents will be able to opt in to WeWork All Access to have a third workspace outside of their apartment and office. Select apartment buildings in New York City will have access to the program first before it expands throughout the metro area and nationwide.

“Residents want more flexible relationships with their physical spaces that meet their ever-changing needs and improve their lives. At Latch, we’re focused on creating new experiences that provide this flexibility in innovative ways,” says Luke Schoenfelder, Latch co-founder, CEO, and chairman of the board of directors. “We’re thrilled to partner with WeWork to help expand the way people think about their space as it relates to work and enable multifamily building owners to better differentiate their properties to attract renters.”

The pandemic influenced 25% of renter moves over the past 18 months with 70% of renters anticipating teleworking the same amount or more going forward, according to the National Multifamily Housing Council and Grace Hill 2022 Renter Preferences Survey Report. Additionally, 92% of Manhattan office workers are either hybrid or fully remote.

Rebecca Graf, head of ancillary revenue at WeWork, says, “Through the rapid adoption of WeWork All Access, we have seen the majority of users leveraging the product to break up their workweek and remain productive in a hybrid world. We’re excited to support NYC-based Latch residents as they strive to strike the right balance between working from home, their offices, and a third place like WeWork.”

The partnership unveils the upcoming next generation of LatchOS, LatchOS2. LatchOS2 will be able to unlock new third-party partnerships, spaces, and services with additional functionality.