Expanding from a healthy building certification to a comprehensive data platform, Fitwell has announced a Relational Data tool that allows real estate companies to rank their properties’ and entities’ healthy building performance against peers.

The tool adds value to Fitwell certification by providing users entity-level ranking against like companies. "The industry has long been asking for ranking data to understand good, better, and best," says Joanna Frank, CEO of Fitwel. "Not only will you be able to understand where you sit in relation to your peers, but it supports continuous improvement of assets with regard to social impact by providing a quantifiable road map."

Additionally, the new tool, which also measures walkability, transportation, and environment quality, features a dashboard that visualizes data insights allowing companies to easily digest where and how to better their healthy building performance and share achievements to stakeholders. While similar ranking systems exist for environmental metrics, Fitwel's Relational Data is the first of its kind to begin to track the social pillar of ESG for the real estate industry, the company says.

In regard to multifamily properties, Frank says, “It's well known that residential rent is driven by location, and now we know that net promoter scores for multifamily properties are boosted by healthy building strategies. Fitwel's Relational Data platform clearly demonstrates where multifamily properties stand against their peers for metrics such as walkability and environmental quality, and, more important, shows exactly how these properties can improve to increase their value."

Originally created by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and General Services Administration, Fitwel is a leading healthy building certification used by top real estate companies across the globe to ensure their assets are designed and operated to positively impact the health, productivity, and satisfaction of residents, employees, and tenants.