Embrey Partners President and CEO Trey Embrey
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Embrey Partners, a San Antonio–based real estate investment company, recently announced its newly organized executive team. Trey Embrey has been named the firm's CEO, Garrett Karam will serve as first chief investment officer, and Rod Riordan has joined Embrey as its first CFO.

Trey Embrey, who will also retain his title of president, believes this transition will strengthen the company as well as its ability to service its capital partners.

"We are well positioned from a personnel and financial perspective to build on the tremendous success we have enjoyed over the last 44 years and to grow our platform into the future," he said in a statement.

Garrett Karam previously served as the company's vice president of finance. In his new role, he'll continue to manage Embrey's capital markets, investment oversight, and transaction activities and lead the firm's efforts to broaden its investment platform and capital source base.

Rod Riordan joins Embrey following 11 years with JPI Companies, where he was the executive vice president and finance/accounting partner. He'll be responsible for accounting, forecasting, risk management, corporate insurance, treasury, and compliance.

Both Karam and Riordan will work closely with Executive Vice President of Accounting and Administration Denise Green, who is retiring at the end of 2017, in order to ensure a smooth transition of her responsibilities.

Following a long-term succession plan that began nearly a decade ago, founder Walter Embrey will now serve as chairman of the company. “We are committed to fortifying our business model and positioning our talented team to lead Embrey Partners,” he said. “This restructuring to include a C-suite positions us well for growth, innovation, and success—all markers of a strong and enduring company.”

For more information on the company and its new executive team, go to www.embreydc.com.