Santa Rosa-Petaluma, CA

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Catalyst Housing Group Provides Assistance for Teachers

The nonprofit Essential Housing Fund will provide discounted rents at Marin County... More

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Top 10 Metros with Highest May Rent Growth

Rent growth momentum continued in Odessa, Texas as it held steady as the No. 1 rent growth metro, according to a recent report released by the Dallas-based research firm Axiometrics. More

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Top 10 Rent Growth Markets of February

Athens, Ohio ranked as the top performing market, with a rent growth rate of 9.7 percent in February. And though markets in California and Florida are bucking the trend and generating rent growth well above 5 percent, plenty of markets are taking a huge dip. More

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Top 10 Metros with Highest Occupancy Rates

Occupancy outlooks are sunny in Florida, where three metro areas have occupancies greater than 95 percent, according to this Top 10 list provided by Axiometrics. More

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