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Neglected Indiana Industrial Sites Transformed Into Affordable Housing

Herman & Kittle reached out to officials in Clinton, Ind. to fulfill a need for affordable housing in the local area. The resulting $8.1 million reuse and new construction project exceeded expectations. More

Green Mortgages are Making Headway

In the market rate world, the data to show evidence that spending money on energy efficient retrofits pays off for investors in the long run is simply not sufficient. And there has historically been a lack of resources. More

Green Mortgages are Making Headway

The problem of where to find the financing for energy efficient developments and retrofits has not been as severe on the affordable housing side, as energy savings essentially go hand-in-hand with the mission of affordable housing. More

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Houston Shines Brightly

Long known as the energy capital of the world, resource-rich Houston is fast... More

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From Carriage House to Condos

An early 20th-century carriage house/garage in New York's popular Chelsea... More

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Anderson Manor House Flooring

Commissioned by the Biltmore Estate's licensing division, Manor House flooring is handcrafted of solid oak. More

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Lasco Bathware and Aquatic Whirlpools Announce Merger

New company, called Aquatic, announces merger at IBS 2010, introduces new accessible bathtub. More

Thinking Small

MULTIFAMILY BORROWERS looking for small loans have to look a little harder these... More

Private Money Steps Up

SMALL, PRIVATE EQUITY GROUPS are flooding the marketplace, and investors are targeting cash-on-cash returns over internal rate of return (IRR), say industry experts. More

Fannie's Small Loan Program Draws Interest, Though Few Deals Make the Cut

Multifamily borrowers looking for small loans have to look a little harder these days. More

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