NMHC OpTech Conference

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Package Locker Industry Lifts Off

Leasing offices are becoming inundated with residents' packages, but package... More

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Hacked! Seven Tips for Preventing and Managing a Data Breach

Data breaches aren't going to stop any time soon, so you may as well be prepared for one. More

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Apartment Firms Not Energy Benchmarking Face Competitive Disadvantage

Failure to begin energy benchmarking initiatives will result in competitive disadvantages for apartment owners relying on institutional investment partners, lenders, asset and portfolio purchasers, renters, and the general public. More

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Apartment Tech Executives Look for Greater Strategic Roles

Better integration of IT and operations, seat at strategy table highlight trends at NMHC Technology and Operations Conference. More

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Top 10 Strategies for Deploying a Multifamily Mobile Platform

Everybody's got a smart phone. But what does it take to deliver an effective mobile platform for all those connected residents and prospects. Here are 10 tips to help your mobile platform stand apart from the rest. More

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Social Media Continues to Entice, Polarize Apartment Firms

While most multifamily firms admit to at least dabbling in social media, polarization persists between apartment companies that have totally embraced social media as part of their marketing platform and those who remain skeptical of the true net worth of social networking to the bottom line. More

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Multifamily Cloud Computing Options Expected to Proliferate

While multifamily technology executives continue to struggle with the ambiguity in semantics when it comes to cloud computing, even die-hard holdouts are beginning to investigate the cost benefits of outsourcing primary IT functions to “the cloud.” More

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Online Marketing and Leasing to Dominate 2011 Multifamily Tech Spend

Multifamily CEOs speaking at the 2010 NMHC Technology Conference in Dallas agreed that the technology platforms of apartment companies have seen an evolutionary sea-change over the past decade that will both enable and command a continued strategic and budgetary focus on internet marketing and the online leasing of apartments. More

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