Loud laundry rooms are often a turn-off for residents, and can be particularly disruptive for those living in units near the laundry room who experience carryover noise from the equipment. But the new front-load washing machine from Speed Queen is hoping to change all that, according to the firm.

The washer incorporates a redesigned suspension and advanced sensing technology, which helps balance wash loads. This smoother cycle reduces vibration to make 2.5 times less noise than previous models, the company says.

Though the machine’s 20% larger washtub provides more capacity than previous units, efficiency improvements allow it to use less energy and only 6% more water. The machine also features 400 G-Force extraction speed to remove more moisture from clothing and reduce drying time, which further adds to energy savings.

Managers can make the machine even more user-friendly by adding WashAlert with Service Alert, a component of Speed Queen’s Quantum Control that allows residents to remotely check machine availability, monitor time remaining in the laundry cycle, and receive text or email notifications when there’s a change in machine status. Through Quantum, managers can also monitor and program machine settings remotely, as well as receive maintenance alerts.

The machine is also designed for improved ergonomics and easier operation, with a tilted control panel designed, an extra-wide 15.5-inch door opening and 180-degree door swing. Speed Queen’s new front-load washer is compatible with coin or card operation.