With improved dependability, directory management, and ease-of-use, the new Internet Protocol Access Control (IPAC) system from LiftMaster is giving residential access systems an upgrade.

The system, aimed at high-rise or gated communities, communicates via Internet to produce a "buzzer" for the 21st Century.

“It is the first outdoor-rated Internet-enabled product with VoIP capability,” says Scott Blue, director of marketing for gate and access systems at LiftMaster. “Traditionally, folks have been familiar with products that run on POTS—plain old telephone service. There can be issues with reliability and ease of use. The IPAC’s Internet connection allows for very robust operation and clear call quality.”

In addition to more reliable service, owners and managers can benefit from the system’s data management system. Unlike with legacy products, where managers often have to physically go to the unit or take the system off-line to make changes, IPAC provides updating capabilities 24/7, in real-time, from any web-enabled device, explains Blue. The system has storage space for up to 50,000 residents.

“All you need is a category-5 Internet cable that provides the connection to the Internet and the power,” Blue says. “It’s very simple. The size is such that it can be used very easily in retrofits of telephone entry systems, and it comes with a trim kit if you need to fill a larger hole.”

Once the Internet connection is established, all that’s needed is a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) code to enable VoIP. LiftMaster has teamed with phone.com for SIP service to further simplify the setup process.

A 10-inch color touchscreen with reflective coating and auto dimming allows for intuitive navigation, and a full keyboard enables easy searching. The case is anodized aluminum, with optional accessories such as a paintable faceplate, external keypad, and a camera kit for visual installations.

IPAC is built to perform in temperatures from -20 to 130 degrees F and IP65 rated for weather-resistance.