Maytag’s new commercial washing machine can really help owners clean up.

The Maytag Commercial Laundry Energy Advantage Top-Load Washer features 48 revenue-generating options to help owners boost profits from community laundry facilities, the company says.

The washers are compatible with Maytag Connect 360, a cloud-based communication and management system that allows owners to manage maintenance notifications. More to the point, the system allows owners to analyze usage patterns, and then modify vending prices, from a single web portal.

A user-friendly touchscreen control panel lets residents select from a variety of wash cycles, and owners can utilize the multiple options to set unique cycle prices and increase revenue. The system also allows tenants to view machine availability and receive an alert when their laundry is done. 

The washer, available in coin-drop and card-reader models, uses a combination of extra cleaning action, hotter water, and additional rinses in its PowerWash for optimal cleaning. The machine is also engineered to be ultra water- and energy-efficient, using 15.8 gallons of water per cycle and exceeding DOE standards for commercial top-load clothes washers by 30 percent, providing utility energy savings for owners.

Maytag’s Energy Advantage Intelligent Wash System uses auto-load sensing, which automatically senses the weight of the load along with the amount of water used and absorbed to adjust the water level and agitation patterns. Additional Energy Advantage features include Progressive Rinse technology; dual-water injection to minimize suds and enable easier rinsing; and a uniquely-designed agi-peller that uses variable stroke agitation to prevent pulling or twisting clothes and remain gentle on fabrics while removing dirt.