MI Windows & Doors. Made from a thermoplastic alloy of acrylic and PVC, the BridgeWood window from MI Windows & Doors provides the appearance of wood with the energy efficiency, structural strength, and convenience of a composite frame, according to the manufacturer. The Green & Clean Extreme upgrade package includes a triple-pane glazing with two layers of Low-E 366 glass and argon and krypton gas for a full-frame U-factor of 0.2 (R-5) or better, as well as the Neat self-cleaning feature and Preserve protective film. 717.365.3300. www.miwd.com.

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Progress Lighting. Everlume light fixtures use a high-output, warm white LED source that works with standard off-the-shelf dimmers. The bell-shaped mini-pendant features painted tortoise glass and a brushed nickel finish. The fixtures use between 2 and 15 watts, emit little heat, and have a lifespan of more than 30,000 hours—15 to 20 years with normal household use, the maker says. 864.678.1000. www.progresslighting.com.

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Temple-Inland. GreenGlass fiberglass-faced gypsum sheathing is made with up to 90% recycled content from coal-burning power plants. The panels feature a fiberglass facer and TemShield Mold Protection in their core, providing for mold, moisture, and weather resistance. They can be used under a variety of cladding materials, including brick, EIFS, and vinyl. Panels come with a 1/2-inch-thick standard core or a 5/8-inch-thick Type X fire-resistant core. 800.231.6060. www.templeinland.com.

Bedrock Industries. Blazestone tiles are made entirely of 100% post-consumer and post-industrial recycled glass, with no added colorants or oxides. The company determines product development based on the waste stream, and the materials and end product are processed entirely at the company’s facility. Consumer sources include recycled bottle glass from local residents; industrial glass includes leftover material from a stained-glass factory. A range of colors, solid and multi, is available in a variety of sizes and shapes. 877.283.7625. www.bedrockindustries.com.

EcoStar. Ten-inch Majestic Slate Traditional tiles are the newest addition to the manufacturer’s line of synthetic roofing products made with post-industrial recycled rubber and plastics. They carry a 50-year transferable warranty and a 110-mph wind warranty. Designed to replicate the look of slate, the tiles can be installed individually or in combination with the company’s 12-inch tiles. Nine standard colors are offered. 800.211.7170. www.ecostar.carlisle.com.

Enviro Bath. All of the company’s products are made with salvaged brass, aluminum, and other alloys. The Ravine bath sink, shown, is available in ebony, biscuit, almond, mystique, pearl, carnival, or ivory. 866.701.2284. www.envirobath.com.

The Fire Co. EcoSmart fireplaces burn non-polluting denatured alcohol. The latest in the line, The Tower, was inspired by the Padella Romana lighting common in the homes of wealthy Patrician families during the Roman Empire, says the firm. The unit can be used indoors or outdoors, features treated and toughened glass and a powder-coated steel cabinet. The lever-operated flame can be regulated. 310.914.3335. www.ecosmartfire.com.

Pioneer Millworks. Reclaimed FSC-certified flooring (such as flat-sawn heart pine, shown) is now available in engineered format, featuring a 4.8-mm reclaimed wood layer, FSC-certified domestic plywood, and formaldehyde-free glue. A range of recycled wood species is available, including ash, chestnut, oak, grey elm, maple, and jarrah. Fresh-sawn FSC-certified species also are available, along with siding reclaimed from old barns. 800.951.9663. www.pioneermillworks.com.

SunRise Solar. The manufacturer now offers its solar-powered attic fan in a gable-mounted version for installation inside the attic. The Gable-Mounted Solar Fan requires no electrical wiring and consumes no electricity, powering itself via a remote solar panel that fastens to the roof. The unit removes heat and moisture from the attic and comes with an 11-, a 15-, or a 20-watt solar panel to accommodate various attic sizes. 219.558.2211. www.sunrisesolar.net.

Farrow & Ball. The company has added 18 new colors—including churlish green, cinder rose, and tanner’s brown, all shown here—to its paint lines, which include Estate Emulsion and Modern Emulsion low-VOC options. Estate Emulsion water-based paints are durable and wipeable, with a chalky matte finish and a 2% sheen level. Water-based Modern Emulsion has a 10% sheen level, and is stain resistant and completely washable, the firm says. 888.511.1121. www.farrow-ball.com.

Platinum Advanced Technologies. Platinum Ultimate prefab wall and roof panels combine light-gauge steel framing with reinforced polyurethane for lightweight, fast installation and an R-value of 23.4 (3?5/8-inch walls) or 36.3 (5?5/8-inch walls). Uninsulated panels are available for interior walls. The panels feature 18- or 20-gauge steel studs 16 or 24 inches on center. Wall segments screw into a steel track anchored to the foundation; panels connect to each other with self-tapping screws and are sealed with polyurethane foam. Designed to withstand strong winds, the panels have been approved under the Florida Product Approval process. 800.961.4880. www.platinumadvanced.com.

Richlite Co. Richlite paper-composite surface materials are now available in an FSC-certified line. The material, which can be used for countertops, stair treads, and other applications, is durable, stain resistant, and heat resistant up to 350 degrees. The collection has a matte finish and comes in seven colors, including the newest, chocolate glacier. 888.383.5533. www.richlite.com.

Secondglass. This company remanufactures damaged and junk windshields for a range of uses, including shower doors and enclosures, walls, room dividers, door inserts, and decorative pieces. The glass can be framed, lighted, mounted, and hung like most glass, the company says, and color can be added. 503.750.3878. www.secondglass.net.

Feeney Architectural. LightLine over-door canopies feature stainless steel support arms, integrated aluminum gutters, and UV-resistant acrylic visor panels in clear or frosted finishes. The overhangs come in an easy-to-assemble kit and fit most standard entryways. Canopy styles include the Gable, the Arch, and the Curve. 800.888.2418. www.feeneyarchitectural.com.


Neil Kelly Cabinets. Mid-Century Modern cabinets comprise 10 contemporary door styles, including Post Modern, Cubist, Route 66, and Biscayne Bay. The cabinet boxes are made with no-added-urea-formaldehyde agri-board, solid wood and veneers from sustainable resources, and low-VOC glues, binders, and adhesives, says the maker. The firm meets FSC and USGBC manufacturing standards. 503.335.9207. www.neilkellycabinets.com.

Rheem. Solaraide passive solar water heating systems operate without pumps or controllers, instead relying on convection to circulate a freezeproof heat-transfer fluid in a closed-loop environment. The product combines a storage tank with one or two collector panels and comes in 47- or 80-gallon systems. Both models are Solar Rating and Certification Corp.-certified. 800.621.5622. www.rheem.com.

LEDTronics. Flame Tip LED Chandelier bulbs offer the familiar shape and E12 candelabra-base of the 12-watt incandescent bulbs they replace, but house a cluster of LED lamps inside for a long life span of up to 50,000 hours. The bulbs, which come in warm white and “filament” white, consume 1.2 watts but provide 23 lumens. The LEDs are impervious to shock, the maker says. 800.579.4875. www.ledtronics.com.

Green Jobsites. The Grindzilla (C1400) mobile materials shredder and container for wood, drywall, and cardboard waste boasts a 2-ton-per-hour throughput rate and foreign matter recognition to mitigate contamination. The grinder offers a conveyor loading belt and optional side discharge for more flexibility. The 14-cubic-foot container enables easy transport to the recycling facility or other location for shredded material reuse. 678.569.0385. www.grindzilla.com.

American Standard. Asian-inspired Green Tea faucets combine elegant styling with up to 32% water savings over standard models; the WaterSense-listed faucet operates at 1.5 gpm. The Green Tea two-handle centerset and widespread lavatory faucets feature a discrete pullout spout that is virtually undetectable when not in use, the firm says. 800.899.2614. www.americanstandard-us.com.

NuCedar Mills. An addition to the Classic Clapboard line of solar-reflective, prefinished cellular PVC siding, Classic Beaded Weatherboard offers the look and milled edge of traditional Carolina weatherboard, says the firm. The product is 100% recyclable. Endorsed by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the panels include Sherwin-Williams’ Polane two-part polyurethane finish with UV-reflective pigments, the company says, which keeps the walls cooler and helps lower cooling costs by up to 21%. 866.393.8883. www.nucedar.com.