Lock It Up

Modern styling has been added to the SmartCode Deadbolt with Home Connect Technology. Part of the maker’s Zigbee and Z-Wave product offerings, the lock features a motorized deadbolt that can be locked remotely via home automation systems. Also available in a lever style, the Home Connect system works wirelessly with other electronic devices, such as lighting controls, thermostats, and home security systems. Kwikset | 800.327.5625 | kwikset.com

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Doorknob of the Future

With a uniquely ergonomic design, the UltraLatch door handle is touted as the most ADA-friendly lockset available. Specifically designed to retrofit into 2?-inch holes in most existing doors, the UltraLatch design conforms to the shape of the hand, allows the wrist to remain in a neutral position, and requires as little as ½ inch of movement to open a door. Available with or without a privacy lock, UltraLatch is available in six finishes that blend with any home decor. Soss | 800.922.6957 | soss.com