Giving residents the best chance at success was the main motivating factor behind the Philadelphia Housing Authority’s (PHA’s) development of its social services subsidiary PhillySeeds.

The tax-exempt organization helps PHA residents become more self-sufficient through philanthropic activities, community-based partnerships, and special initiatives.

Last year, PhillySeeds, through its back-to-school program, gave away $36,000 worth of school supplies to more than 4,000 residents to gear up school-aged children for the year.

The group also offers a scholarship program that has helped many PHA residents seeking higher education. Last year, PhillySeeds awarded $160,000 worth of scholarships to 36 public housing residents. This year, the organization plans to award 50 residents with about $200,000 in scholarship money.

PhillySeeds works as a separate charitable corporation funded by the government. Local and private investors also back the organization, with hopes of helping residents become less dependent on housing ­assistance.