Home Innovation’s NGBS Green program reached a key milestone in October with the certification of our 250,000th home—one of 209 units at Alliance Residential’s Broadstone Junction multifamily community in Norcross, Georgia, an adaptive reuse community of loft and flat-style apartments on 12 acres that previously had been a suburban office park. For the two renovated office buildings in the community that have been converted into residential units, energy use has been reduced by almost 30% and water use has been reduced by nearly 50%.

When NGBS Green started in 2009, Home Innovation’s goal was to provide a national, credible, rigorous, and affordable green building certification for the residential construction industry. Before then, residential building certifications lagged significantly behind other building types. Homes, townhouses, multifamily buildings, housing for students and seniors, and assisted living facilities were all foregoing high-performance green building certifications because they were too difficult and expensive to attain. Home Innovation believed that needed to change, and understood the role we could play in helping the entire industry do better.

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