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According to RESNET’s Trends in HERS Rated Homes – A Statistical Abstract 2023, Massachusetts has ranked No. 1 again with 82% of new homes receiving a HERS rating, followed by Indiana with 68%. Eight states achieved 50% or more of new homes being HERS rated for last year. In total number of HERS ratings, Texas comes out on top with over 81,000.

From 2013 to 2022, there has been a 129% increase in annual HERS ratings. A HERS Index Score, available only via certified RESNET energy raters, is based on several energy-efficiency variables, including exterior walls, attic, windows and doors, heating and cooling systems, ductwork, water heating systems, lighting, and appliances. In 2022, HERS raters rated nearly 338,000 homes—80% of which were single-family and 20% multifamily.

Unchanged from 2021, the average HERS Index in 2022 for both single-family and multifamily was 58. Since 2013, the average HERS index score has decreased by five points.

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