Today's apartment residents are showing a strong interest in green living.

AMLI Residential surveyed 2,800 residents living at its properties in major markets across the country to find out how important sustainable living is to tenants. The survey included a heavy base of millennials—59% of participants were under the age of 34.

The survey, AMLI's inaugural Sustainable Living Index, showed that 84% of respondents said living in a sustainable or eco-friendly building is very important or moderately important to them, and 85% believe living in a sustainable home is beneficial to their health. Plus, 64% of residents said they'd pay more to live in a green community.

"A lot of our residents are interested in sustainability for various reasons—some have indicated they enjoy the health and wellness benefits that come with sustainability; others like the idea of being part of a larger movement in sustainability that’s reducing their carbon footprint; and then some just, frankly, love to save on their utilities," says Erin Hatcher, vice president of sustainability at AMLI.

Seventy-seven percent of respondents said they believe the green living features at AMLI properties had saved them money on utilities.

Specifically, 94% of residents said living in a smoke-free community was most important to them, followed by 93% who want energy- and water-efficient features and 85% who ranked access to public transit and strong walk–bike scores a high priority. Respondents claimed their favorite green features were recycling, smoke-free buildings, and walkability, while the most requested green features were recycling and composting, solar panels, and community gardens.

"Solar panels really give residents a visual of how we add value to the building and prove that we're creating our own energy," says Hatcher. After the survey, AMLI committed to powering all of the common areas at its Texas properties with renewable energy.