Wellness amenities are hot, and developers are taking notice, says Valli Herman for the Los Angeles Times.

A number of multifamily properties have dubbed themselves "wellness communities" that promote, through their amenities, physical activity and exercise, a connection with nature, and relaxation.

"Developers are spending more time and space on rooftop gardens and common grilling areas, decks, and distinct fitness areas," said Dean Zander, a CBRE executive vice president who specializes in apartments. He has noticed dedicated rooms for yoga, kickboxing, dog washing, or bicycle repair popping up in new and remodeled apartments as builders aim "to bring tenants what they want, which is a healthy environment and a shared sense of community."

As wellness-lifestyle real estate moves from niche to mainstream, a new report from the Global Wellness Institute predicts [that] "building for wellness will become the norm." Already, several Southern California developments lead the charge. For example, at the Hollywood Proper Residences, a tower of long- and short-term luxury apartment rentals within the Columbia Square development, the health-focused design was built to meet the Well Building Standard, a performance-based system that measures, certifies, and monitors such features as building materials, cleaning products, water and air quality, and access to daylight and fitness facilities.

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