AMLI Buckhead in Atlanta.
AMLI Residential AMLI Buckhead in Atlanta.

Recognized for environmentally responsible apartment communities throughout the U.S., AMLI Residential has released the results of its 2022 Sustainable Living Index. Surveying the opinions of 4,154 AMLI residents, results showed that 80% of respondents agree that a sustainably built apartment is beneficial to their health. Consistent with 2020’s results, the top green feature choices included fresh air initiatives, energy-efficiency savings on utilities, and smoke-free living.

Green features factored into 43% of residents’ decisions to live with AMLI, and 55% believe that the green features have saved them money. At the LEED communities, 16% more residents reported financial savings versus non-LEED communities’ residents, a 3% increase over 2020.

“We are grateful that our residents took the time to complete this survey. Not only are they supplying us with helpful data, but it is also an opportunity to give us feedback on our green features and what they would like to see expanded as we plan to build and improve our communities to meet their needs,” says Phil Tague, president of AMLI.

With two questions focused on society changes related to the pandemic, 59% of residents said healthy building features are important to them. Regarding work from home, 65% of residents are working from home all or some of the time, which is 24% more than in 2020.

“AMLI is committed to targeting LEED and other third-party certifications for all new developments. With most residents working from home to some extent and the continuing unpredictable threat from the virus, AMLI’s commitment to provide healthy, green features both inside and outside of their apartment homes is an even greater priority,” Tague adds.

Results also found that 72% of residents desire to find solutions to environmental issues, an increase over the past five years, and 88% are concerned about climate change. Additionally, 56% believe they will be driving an electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid within the next five years.

Tague says, “The majority of AMLI residents remain concerned about climate change and are trying to do their part. AMLI will ensure our communities’ green features match our residents’ priorities.”