Drone point of view of Silicon Valley in California Adobe Stock / Uladzik Kryhin

Throughout Silicon Valley, Google, in partnership with Lendlease, plans to inject affordable, market-rate, and mixed-income housing amid the car-oriented single-family homes that mostly surround its headquarters.

Lendlease is planning to use the scale of its 15,000-unit injection to combat some of the housing challenges that have plagued cities in Silicon Valley as the tech industry has boomed. Through a mix of homes for rent and for sale, with price points across the spectrum, Lendlease is trying to create a counterpoint to the low-rise residential-only neighborhoods that make up the majority of Silicon Valley’s living spaces.

A significant chunk of these new homes, about 7,000, will be part of North Bayshore, a neighborhood in Mountain View also planned by Lendlease. This plan is still in the grinding process of gaining community and city council approvals, but renderings show dense and walkable mixed-use neighborhoods, with pedestrian-oriented shopping districts, bike-lane-sliced park spaces, and condos and apartments built with modular prefabricated construction techniques.

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