The multifamily market has grown rapidly over the past few years, and according to the Freddie Mac Multifamily report Multifamily 2017 Outlook: Positioned for Further Growth, demand is expected to stay strong due to lifestyle preferences and demographic trends. Additionally, according to another recent Freddie Mac survey, renters of all generations believe renting is more affordable than owning one’s home.

For these reasons, designing and furnishing multifamily housing has become more important than ever. Consumers have come to expect state-of-the art amenities and modern spaces. Open floor plans, large windows, stainless steel appliances, and high-end fixtures are just the beginning.

These days, consumers especially want smart appliances that will benefit their daily lives and provide real value. Consequently, builders should focus on creating a space that responds to consumers’ lifestyles. Installing smart locks, outlets, lights, and appliances is one way to capture this audience.

Whirlpool brand recently conducted its first smart home survey, revealing that a major benefit of smart appliances is remote control of the product. In fact, nearly four in five residents say the ability to start and stop appliances, check the status, and adjust the performance remotely is valuable.

Those insights are what drive our innovations, because Whirlpool Corporation knows that busy families are looking for new ways to save time. For example, the highly anticipated Whirlpool® Smart Kitchen Suite is introducing new and easier ways to automatically control appliances. Features such as Scan-to-Cook technology in the suite’s wall oven, range, and microwave can send step-by-step cooking instructions, including temperature and cooking time, for many frozen foods straight to the appliance*.

With the Smart Front Control Range, families will be able to start, pause, stop, and adjust the temperature and cook time for the oven anywhere in the home using the Whirlpool® mobile app. Full-screen touch controls track preferences to learn family favorites, from what families cook to when they cook and how. Enhanced integration with voice-controlled smart home assistants will allow users to direct the appliances via voice command.

Through connected technologies, we’re able to make cooking and cleaning more intuitive, provide mobile efficiencies, and make everyday tasks more seamless amid consumers’ busy lifestyles.

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