vertical city in sahara desert that looks like boulder

French architectural firms OXO Architectes and Nicolas Laisné Associés partnered to create this concept for a sustainable 1,450-foot tall tower that powers an entire city in Morocco’s section of the Sahara desert.

Designed as a large rock structure, the tower looms over a lower, flat structure on the ground that allows the city to expand out with added shade from the hot desert sun. Inside the edifice, there will be an inner-tower that is covered in vegetation, acting as a vertical farm for food sustainability.

City Sand Tower

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The 8.4 million square feet building would house offices, 600 residences, a hotel, shopping center, sport facilities, a panoramic restaurant and bar, a spa, a museum and an observatory. A helipad landing is also featured at the top of the structure.

Rainwater and recycled gray water will be collected for irrigating the vegetation, for use in the toilets, and to be fed 2.4 miles underground to generate geothermal energy for heat and electricity.

The proposed concept is currently under study for its feasibility of sustaining a city in such a remote location.