Apartment Buildings of the Future

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These 9 apartment building concepts showcase the future of multifamily residences. 

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Architects around the world have multifamily building plans in the works that could give the once seemingly unattainable Jetson family house a run for it's money. 

Think developers could build an entire apartment complex into the supports of a bridge? Paris-based OXO Architects imagines doing just that in Calabria, Italy. But, that's just one flight of fancy that may foreshadow the not-too-distant future as building technology becomes more sophisticated.

Renderings and design concepts have been released that—even within the next five to 10 years—could change the game of multifamily residential building. From a sustainable wheel and a self-contained desert city, to a skyscraper built from stacked shipping containers and a tower that rotates a full 360 degrees every 90 minutes, these nine conceptual designs from past issues of Multifamily Executive are sure to amaze and delight.

Architects Reimagine Italian Bridge into Apartments 

A Self-Sustaining Vertical City in the Sahara 

Lakeside Community Floats Over Roads and Waterways

Rotating tower slated for Dubai.
David Fisher Rotating tower slated for Dubai.

"Wonka-esque" Cableless Elevator Unveiled

Modular, Vertical City Rises from the Water 

The Dutch Windwheel: An Innovative Icon for Sustainable Design

Fresh Spin: Design Plans Reignited for Rotating Tower

Modular High-Rise Allows Residents to Customize Prefab Units

Shipping Container Skyscrapers Would Replace Slum Housing