Designed by Van Meter Williams Pollack, 231 Grant is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2025.

A 110-unit development is being built to serve teachers and school staff members who are struggling with high housing costs in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Nonprofits Abode Communities and Mercy Housing are co-developing the project with significant support from Santa Clara County.

“No one wins when teachers have to commute from miles and miles away,” said Santa Clara County supervisor Joe Simitian, who proposed the development. “It’s harder to attract and retain the best teachers when the cost of housing is so high. And time in the car is time not spent with students or preparing lesson plans. When teachers are forced out of the housing market, they become more and more remote from the communities where they teach. By having our teachers live and work nearby, we’re strengthening their role in the community.”

The county is one of the most expensive housing jurisdiction in the country, with the average rent topping $3,000, according to multiple market reports.

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